Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative Inspiration

   If your reading this blog you most likely know a few things about me. One being I LOVE anything that is creative or hands on crafty. Many people make the comments, " I could never do that", " Im just not creative".... Not so.  Im leaning toward believing that everyone has a little creativity flow that they just havent tapped into yet.
 One thing I love about modern technology is the tutorial and youtube" how to" videos. Im definatly one of those people who learn visually so  watching someone  sewing a placemat online would be much easier than reading a pattern.

How do I know what to search for ?

When you are searching out something (how to sew a button or how to make your own laundry soap) put in youtube or google  " How to sew a button tutorial.. Wording is everything! I have several sites I really gain alot of inspiration from. Below Im sharing one of my favorites that a friend of my turned me onto a while back. She has TONS of tutorials on there for free!!  Youll think me later,its a wealth of info. Hope you enjoy!! Happy Creativity!!

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