Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun kids Activity

I am sure that the rest of you out there in Pinterest land may have seen this project. 
 Beautiful Colored Doodle Paint. 

The total instructions and great free labels are from the fun blog by Delware County Moms Doodle Paint !
Im sure the kids are all enjoying their summer vacation, but if they are like mine the boredom starts settling in quick!!! So because I have a love for anything colorful and fun this went to the top of my "To Make" list for the kiddos. . Let me be the first to tell you it turned out awesome, and my kids loved it!!

We used tons of colors ranging from food coloring , Micas to acrylic paint ( just a small amount goes a long way ).  It's thick and needed some kind of surface able to hold the artists masterpeices, and I wanted a reusable surface. I had some poly plastic binders , the real flimsy ones. We easily pulled off the metal strip in the middle and laid it flat. Whalah!!! We had a washable and reusable paint board!! This has given my kids hours of fun, and it washes right off so go ahead and give it a try !! You may score yourself a little peace and quiet this summer! Enjoy!!

Ummm Yeah.. Thats mine.. I may have made the Doodle Paint for myself, shhh dont tell anyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So schools out and the children are free from their daily studies, and I must find things to occupy thier busy little minds:) It seems this new season comes with bounds of energy from the glorious sunshine and lots of  fresh Fruits, ice cream trucks and water slides!! WHOO HOO

We've already canned several cases of jams and jellies from this years picks of Strawberries and Mangos, and Orange marmalade so we are loving life. Garrison insists he wants to be a farmer so Im excited about some fresh produce in the near future. Here's to a Beautiful Day!
Go out and get in the sunshine, that Vitmain D will do you some good!