Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy, I Love when you visit!

   Papa recently came for a visit to our house. When Papa comes there is much excitement awaiting his arrival, and we are thrilled when we finally hear those tires bringing the awaited arrival in.  We all got our hugs and smooches in, especially Little Ainsley as she adores her Papa with great affection:)   

    My father spent a few days here and we enjoyed his company so much. It was my birthday weekend and he drove several hours just to be with us. If you know my father Rev. Martyn Ballestero at all , you know that he has got to be one of the most giving people that ever walked the earth. Growing up I can only remember asking him for money one time as I was afraid he would give me everything he had and leave himself with nothing!!lol He did just that he opened his wallet and gave me what he had. You never mention you like something he has, or many times he just takes it gives it to you whether he still needs it or not:)

  As the years have progressed and I have my own family , my father will come by when he can. I know what will happened every time . ...The toolbox will come out and bikes, chairs, pictures, doors, and furniture that have been awaiting repair will suddenly get done. You need a cord for a computer ? Charger for your phone? A set of Molds to make soapmaking easier? A makeshift wick setter:)? This , that or the other? You name it if it needs done or theres  a way to make like easier for us he will do it, make it or get it. I feel amazingly humbled and sheepish at the amount of time and work he does when he comes to instantly make life a little better for us. It dosent have to be fixing in the natural either sometimes I need to discuss my feeling , thoughts and hurts and he has a beautiful way of listening and knowing whats right!! I know when Daddy Comes everything is gonna be alright!! What a trait:!!)

     So the following Monday  after my Dad had long gone I had a need in my life. I needed something fixed that I could not do myself. It's One of those things were you wonder , "Umm theres no way I can do this, What am I gonna do?" As I was praying that morning The Lord brought something to my attention. My mind thought of how every time my natural father came I felt peaceful, protected, and provided for.  I felt impressed that God wanted me to know How much more even than the natural father that he loves me. How Many times before had he just stepped in with the "little" things to make something easier for me? Provided for me when there seemed no way to make it? Brought peace in troublesome situations? All the little "Fix its" along the way he had done for me so many times before? 

  Why do we fear when we go through hard times and Struggles? Is it because our "Daddy" (Heavenly Father) isnt near to us as he should be, as we have stepped away from him? Do we not remember all the times before that he has came and instantly made our lives better? Do we not believe that he loves us so much more than a natural father, and assuredly has our best in mind? Even if the situations seems hopeless to my eye I believe that God always knows what I need. MY own natural father would protect and Love me with his life, just as God has done for me.
    What a blessing to have Such a wonderful earthly father, and an amazing heavenly father! Daddy I love when you visit!