Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Different is Beautiful.

Yearly we get together with family at Christmas time, and I must say its one of those things that carry me thru till the next get together. I have been blessed with a family who loves each other immensley . We are all very different from each other. We have different talents, abilities and personalities ..Yet we ALL love the Lord and live for him. Whats awesome about that is God can make all "different" kinds of  people work together to make a beautiful master piece.. Thats family a masterpiece of a gift from the Lord.  I see families who let their differences cause pain and wall build up between them. its so sad when WE turn Gods Gift into Grief. Seeing all my beautiful family laughing and interacting together blesses my heart. I know that there are some families where the Love of God does not flow freely making it not quite the thing God made it to be. Sometimes  a "family" bond is more felt with people of like faith and beliefs than it is with your own natural family.God can provide fulfiment for that empty space like non other. What a boring world if we all were alike. Could you imagine  sitting down to a meal where it was all the same thing in every bowl and platter? Yuck..BORING.. I want variety!  I relish my families differences its so beautiful when we all come together. So this year instead of trying to Change every one around you to be who you think they should be..Let them be who God made them to be..So you can be who God made you to be. Hes after all pretty capable of taking care of what he makes. Different Can most definatly be beautiful When  Jesus is at the center of it:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whooshing By

I cannot believe how fast this month seems to have just flown by already! Hard to imagine that next week is Christmas and we will be in the long awaited Christmas house with all the family!!YAY
WE have been preparing for our Annual Christmas Musical at the Church, Had My Christmas Candle Open house, and last night was our ladies annual cookie exchange! Its such a busy season every year , but we have really enjoyed it this year. I vowed to my self our family would enjoy as much hot chocolate and relaxing among the Christmas Tree and village lights as we possibly could..I so Love this time of year:) God has so blessed us and been ever present for our family, I love him so much and so thankful that he came on night in that manger lon ago! 
Well I need to finish several loads of wash, Cleaning and getting ready for our trip next week, so Adios for now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where's the ark

You Would think its April with all the rain we have had today!! Im looking for an ark with a load of animals at this rate, but alas its almost 70 degrees so I wont complain! Still have some shopping to do for the kiddos,and some of the Nephews and a Niece..Im trying to be more conservative this year, but as a sanguine Im prone to throwing caution to the wind.

Cade has his first fillings yesterday in 2 teeth..he did great except he hated the numb part more than the filling part. It was so funny watching him try and drink with a numb Ainsley had her teeth cleaned  and some sealant , she was not happy that they wrapped her in a blanket to keep her still..I could tell when she came through the door holding the nurses hand with her lip rolled down she was devestated at me for letting her go thru that..HA
Anyway Time to sit and unwind with the The Hubby...Goodnight

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Has arrived!

Today marks the first day of December, and im proud to say im ready!! My annual christmas village has been displayed for several weeks already, along with my Tree and various Holiday joy bringing displays. Ive always had a special love for this time of year and am not ashamed to say I secretly long for a good ole outpouring of snow during this month. I will most likely have to settle for 55 degree weather instead. So I raise my Unleaded glass of Eggnog to toast the beginning of a wonderful Holiday!Hello December!!