Saturday, February 13, 2010

Faithful Love/ Valentines Day

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I Love it!! My Momma has been here for about 2 Weeks Monday and I Have enjoyed every minute of it. Got Beautiful Flowers and Special treatment from My Wonderful Husband too, and the kids have had fun making out Cards and Candy for friends. Im a Lover at heart so a day full of expression to those you Love is a welcome treat!  I read once that " Love is a Choice".. What does that mean ? It means there will be days that no butterflies in the stomach feeling, Bills will come, Hurts will happen..But among all that you Choose to Love even will the feeling is not there..You Stay and remain faithful to your commitment..Believe me the feelings WILL return , but this time stronger than before. If My Children do wrong, may they know I may not like what they did, but I still love THEM, I pray My husband never has to wonderf how I feel about him and If I love him ,and My Family knows nothing can come between us. Love is not an emotion, but a lifestlye.. To all those I Love , I choose it to be  a forever love.  A Faithful Love