Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Forward

I Love Spring! Whats not to love with all the beautiful Green and array of rainbow colors blooming all around? Don't get me wrong I am all for winter too, but only so many days of dark and cold and the energy seems to be snapped out of me! Yikes No Energy For a Pastors Wife, Mommy of three, and small Business owner is just no good!

The Kids are doing well and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring Break Next Week! Not sure what we are gonna do to celebrate , but I assure you Pelicans Snow Cone Stand is reopening for the spring and the Hartzell brood will be there to celebrate

Garrison received another bible quizzing  award ..this time trophy this past weekend!! WE are so proud of Him! Not only is he smart and Good looking but he Loves God and Learning the Word.It is very hard work but he Is doing awesom.He has Lots of questions about God and the Hows and the whys of the world and creation and heaven..We Welcome those, so glad he is interested in Godly things

Cade, Well if you know our family at all ..Yes we all have personality but my sweet Cade got a extra dose of it!! He Is a Momma Lover and that makes me Happy!LOL He Just got all 3's (like A's for a Kindergardener) on his report Card.. It said "Cade, Works well with others, and is well behaved and shows Leadership  among his class ... YEAH Cade Proud of ya little Man!

Princess Ainsley has a slight addiction to Care Bears!! LOL She Has about everyone that they came out with, I have to admit I love them too!!  She is such a little Princess , but is not afraid to Climb trees  and pick  play in the mud! I love them Mix that she is. She also ADORES, yes ADORES her Papa Ballestero..Carries Pictures around of him, Takes the little elephant (which she also collects) he bought her around and even sings songs about him!!LoL  Being the only girl myself, its like watching me grow up!

Well its time for me to spring forward and get some work Done!! TO Nice to be inside:)