Friday, September 3, 2010

SEW very inspired!

  I grew up watching my momma sew and create all types of crafts and such. Both sides of my family tree are gifted with some kinda artistic minded talent , so I have a natural love of these types of things. I have been a Chandler (better known as candle maker:)  and soap maker for years and even started a business over 9 yrs ago with it. There has been scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, quilt making etc. I love all things "artsy"to be honest. I have had a sewing machine for years and could do the basic stuff, but that was about it.
 A few months back the Wilbanks Singers came and parked on our lot for  a few weeks and I got to see them "create":) If you know them at all you know that not only are the fantastic Musically, but they are very talented Crafters (and thats for lack of a better word). I was so inspired by their creations ,and sewing that it started the fire under my feet to pick it back myself.We had a blast to say the least.

I learned so much from our time together here, I owe them a gratitude of thanks. I have been in love with sewing again  ever since and have really enjoyed using the tips I learned to sew for my little girl. Anyway, thought I would share why I havent been blogging for a while :) LOL

Friday, August 6, 2010

Get organized!

This site is awesome, It will change your " home" life persay , if you'll let it:) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Workspace

My creative space, originally uploaded by *jenny b allsorts.

Oh How I love this craft room set up! This workspace really begs me just to rush in a create something!! I love the beautiful colors and organization!! The Fabric Buffet is Lovely too..Hmmmm now I want to create my own " Sewing space" ! This could be dangerous!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy, I Love when you visit!

   Papa recently came for a visit to our house. When Papa comes there is much excitement awaiting his arrival, and we are thrilled when we finally hear those tires bringing the awaited arrival in.  We all got our hugs and smooches in, especially Little Ainsley as she adores her Papa with great affection:)   

    My father spent a few days here and we enjoyed his company so much. It was my birthday weekend and he drove several hours just to be with us. If you know my father Rev. Martyn Ballestero at all , you know that he has got to be one of the most giving people that ever walked the earth. Growing up I can only remember asking him for money one time as I was afraid he would give me everything he had and leave himself with nothing!!lol He did just that he opened his wallet and gave me what he had. You never mention you like something he has, or many times he just takes it gives it to you whether he still needs it or not:)

  As the years have progressed and I have my own family , my father will come by when he can. I know what will happened every time . ...The toolbox will come out and bikes, chairs, pictures, doors, and furniture that have been awaiting repair will suddenly get done. You need a cord for a computer ? Charger for your phone? A set of Molds to make soapmaking easier? A makeshift wick setter:)? This , that or the other? You name it if it needs done or theres  a way to make like easier for us he will do it, make it or get it. I feel amazingly humbled and sheepish at the amount of time and work he does when he comes to instantly make life a little better for us. It dosent have to be fixing in the natural either sometimes I need to discuss my feeling , thoughts and hurts and he has a beautiful way of listening and knowing whats right!! I know when Daddy Comes everything is gonna be alright!! What a trait:!!)

     So the following Monday  after my Dad had long gone I had a need in my life. I needed something fixed that I could not do myself. It's One of those things were you wonder , "Umm theres no way I can do this, What am I gonna do?" As I was praying that morning The Lord brought something to my attention. My mind thought of how every time my natural father came I felt peaceful, protected, and provided for.  I felt impressed that God wanted me to know How much more even than the natural father that he loves me. How Many times before had he just stepped in with the "little" things to make something easier for me? Provided for me when there seemed no way to make it? Brought peace in troublesome situations? All the little "Fix its" along the way he had done for me so many times before? 

  Why do we fear when we go through hard times and Struggles? Is it because our "Daddy" (Heavenly Father) isnt near to us as he should be, as we have stepped away from him? Do we not remember all the times before that he has came and instantly made our lives better? Do we not believe that he loves us so much more than a natural father, and assuredly has our best in mind? Even if the situations seems hopeless to my eye I believe that God always knows what I need. MY own natural father would protect and Love me with his life, just as God has done for me.
    What a blessing to have Such a wonderful earthly father, and an amazing heavenly father! Daddy I love when you visit!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Forward

I Love Spring! Whats not to love with all the beautiful Green and array of rainbow colors blooming all around? Don't get me wrong I am all for winter too, but only so many days of dark and cold and the energy seems to be snapped out of me! Yikes No Energy For a Pastors Wife, Mommy of three, and small Business owner is just no good!

The Kids are doing well and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring Break Next Week! Not sure what we are gonna do to celebrate , but I assure you Pelicans Snow Cone Stand is reopening for the spring and the Hartzell brood will be there to celebrate

Garrison received another bible quizzing  award ..this time trophy this past weekend!! WE are so proud of Him! Not only is he smart and Good looking but he Loves God and Learning the Word.It is very hard work but he Is doing awesom.He has Lots of questions about God and the Hows and the whys of the world and creation and heaven..We Welcome those, so glad he is interested in Godly things

Cade, Well if you know our family at all ..Yes we all have personality but my sweet Cade got a extra dose of it!! He Is a Momma Lover and that makes me Happy!LOL He Just got all 3's (like A's for a Kindergardener) on his report Card.. It said "Cade, Works well with others, and is well behaved and shows Leadership  among his class ... YEAH Cade Proud of ya little Man!

Princess Ainsley has a slight addiction to Care Bears!! LOL She Has about everyone that they came out with, I have to admit I love them too!!  She is such a little Princess , but is not afraid to Climb trees  and pick  play in the mud! I love them Mix that she is. She also ADORES, yes ADORES her Papa Ballestero..Carries Pictures around of him, Takes the little elephant (which she also collects) he bought her around and even sings songs about him!!LoL  Being the only girl myself, its like watching me grow up!

Well its time for me to spring forward and get some work Done!! TO Nice to be inside:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Faithful Love/ Valentines Day

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I Love it!! My Momma has been here for about 2 Weeks Monday and I Have enjoyed every minute of it. Got Beautiful Flowers and Special treatment from My Wonderful Husband too, and the kids have had fun making out Cards and Candy for friends. Im a Lover at heart so a day full of expression to those you Love is a welcome treat!  I read once that " Love is a Choice".. What does that mean ? It means there will be days that no butterflies in the stomach feeling, Bills will come, Hurts will happen..But among all that you Choose to Love even will the feeling is not there..You Stay and remain faithful to your commitment..Believe me the feelings WILL return , but this time stronger than before. If My Children do wrong, may they know I may not like what they did, but I still love THEM, I pray My husband never has to wonderf how I feel about him and If I love him ,and My Family knows nothing can come between us. Love is not an emotion, but a lifestlye.. To all those I Love , I choose it to be  a forever love.  A Faithful Love

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it Snow!!!

Finally it has happened!! The long awaited white snowflakes from heaven are finally here!! Last night about 7 :20 it started coming down like crazy as I awaited a lady I took to get medication at the target parking lot! It was so beautiful and thick  almost felt like Christmas :) Garrison had stayed home from School as he had caught some sort of stomach virus , but has quickly recovered.  We at breakfast , my favorite childhood winter breakfast, Hot Chocolate w/whip with Toast to dip.YUMMY! After much anxiousness the kids and I finally made it outside to sled with our make shift Sleds (tote lids and hampers). I guess the Snow has mixed to well with the sleet cause we just sank right down and after about 10 mins of Crying about cold hands and snowballs to the fast we piled back inside to the warmth. We have had a lovely day just being together and relaxing... Alas Ainsley is now not feeling well so I pray that this only lasts a short time like Garrisons Did... So heres to the Snow it was fun while it lasted!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Days

After I found my hidden energy with a about 2000mg of B12 , Ainsley and I worked on her Alphabet ..So Funny how a little brain of a 4yr old works, Love it! We began to listen to an alphabet Cd and flipped thru flashcards while she sang into the karaoke mic, quite pleased with her personal singing talent. Next we made a house, Flower garden , pool , and wrap around fence  and 2 princess crowns with Neon Connector blocks , Which Looked Quite flattering on us if we do say so ourselves!lol
 I find it  amusing how Children can learn more from play ,and hands on  time spent with them  than from books sometimes!

 I have enjoyed being a Mommy , along with the "other" things God has chosen to designate me for in this lifetime..EVERYDAY is an adventure!! Tiring? YES! Messy? Yes!!!!! I would not change it for anything , Ill have plenty of time for rest and "clean" when the nest is empty:( So heres to today Crayon marks on the wall, Dolls and transformers scattered about, dishes in the sink, but most of all HAPPY Children:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year...New things

Barely into 2010 and already fantastic things have happened. Brandon and I spent most of our time organizing and weeding out bags of excess clutter on New Years Day.. Literally it was a 10 hr cleaning day, but at the end of the day..WOW what a feeling!! Not sure why New Years always seem like you walk thru an u known diminsion, but it sure feels like a second chance or a restarting point, so ill take it.. New Years service was by far the most amazing one we have ever had pastoring, so a heavy presence of the Lord.. Sat Night prayer was wonderful, God filled a sweet new lady with the Holy Ghost during prayer meeting , and today was just as wonderful! I can hardly wait to see what all is in store for this year, but I know it ll be beyond anything I could have prayed for..I have personally request that i have been taking before the Lord for a very long time know and Im believing this is the season!! So heres to a wonderful new year with many fantastis GOD things ahead