Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun kids Activity

I am sure that the rest of you out there in Pinterest land may have seen this project. 
 Beautiful Colored Doodle Paint. 

The total instructions and great free labels are from the fun blog by Delware County Moms Doodle Paint !
Im sure the kids are all enjoying their summer vacation, but if they are like mine the boredom starts settling in quick!!! So because I have a love for anything colorful and fun this went to the top of my "To Make" list for the kiddos. . Let me be the first to tell you it turned out awesome, and my kids loved it!!

We used tons of colors ranging from food coloring , Micas to acrylic paint ( just a small amount goes a long way ).  It's thick and needed some kind of surface able to hold the artists masterpeices, and I wanted a reusable surface. I had some poly plastic binders , the real flimsy ones. We easily pulled off the metal strip in the middle and laid it flat. Whalah!!! We had a washable and reusable paint board!! This has given my kids hours of fun, and it washes right off so go ahead and give it a try !! You may score yourself a little peace and quiet this summer! Enjoy!!

Ummm Yeah.. Thats mine.. I may have made the Doodle Paint for myself, shhh dont tell anyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So schools out and the children are free from their daily studies, and I must find things to occupy thier busy little minds:) It seems this new season comes with bounds of energy from the glorious sunshine and lots of  fresh Fruits, ice cream trucks and water slides!! WHOO HOO

We've already canned several cases of jams and jellies from this years picks of Strawberries and Mangos, and Orange marmalade so we are loving life. Garrison insists he wants to be a farmer so Im excited about some fresh produce in the near future. Here's to a Beautiful Day!
Go out and get in the sunshine, that Vitmain D will do you some good!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I have been crazy the past few weeks, but have promised myself this will slow done ASAP. I'm a complete Holiday Nut, nothing like it! Amongst my retail Job, Make Scents Company, sewing for friends, the kids, Being a wife , saying nothing of being a Pastors wife and those roles sometimes  the "plate" gets a little heavy :) I'm hoping to get my home  in order and slow done and really enjoy the Holidays this year.  What will I remember in years to come? That's the stuff I want to focus on.

 If you know me you know I love my Christmas village collection. Last year I didn't really put it all up and my kids have begged me to do it this year. So no more Grinch for me..Set up my village , and ready to Enjoy Thanksgiving all the way thru !! Let the fun begin!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


First off if you are like me and you stop by starbucks for a cup of caffiene you cant help put drool over those adorable new cake pops they have. I hate the fact that my disciple just caves at the sight of those cake and white chocolate masterpieces. So you know me I always think I can make something I see. Garrison and I get the cake supplies and he does a beautiful job on the cake mixed in our frosting and dip our pops ..FAIL ..Okay so not really a total fail but they came out more as truffles then adorable pops. Still tho the tasted heavenly!! I wanted to share with you a totally cool site I found while googling recipes .BAKERELLA , isnt that a cool name? Check out the mad baking skills this lady has!! Oh how I envy (ssh dont tell anyone I said that word) her skill in the kitchen, Hope you all enjoy!!
I seen her Cake Pops book at Barnes and Noble and could stare for days at It (I respond to brightly colored fun looking objects,HA)
So if you try them and they work for you..Go ahead and send em to me Ill taste test them for ya!:)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Gratitude Adjustment

 Ever hear your parents say " You need an attitude adjustment"? I know as a parent Ive had to say it a few times and that usually means "business" for the recipient :) Well my heavenly Father I figure recently figured the same thing as he sent me an "Gratitude Adjustment"!

A really unique and wonderful situation happened to me last Wednesday while having a home school morning at Barnes and Noble. To Make a long story short, God sent a wonderful right now word from a sweet looking older gentleman named Fernando as I was walking by his study area there.  At the end of our conversation ( more like him sharing a word from heaven to me, without knowing anything about me at all) he said he wanted me to read a book and he'd be back. He purchased and had gift wrapped for me a book by Debbie Macomber  called "One Simple  Act" Discovering the power of generosity.

 When I opened it in the car I was taken a back, as it really didn't seem to fit what we were talking about from the title. As I read it boy did I discover a whole new level of thinking. The gift wrapping was careful tucked in between two pages of pg. 168 +169. Two pages of scriptures like "Cast ALL your cares upon the Lord  " They that wait upon the Lord  Shall renew their strength" Lifting scriptures that brought peace and joy to my heart.  I began reading  and was really enlightened about all it talked about. How miracles start to happen when we start giving back and helping others even tho we are faced with needing help our selves. This act releases miracles in our life, How you say? GRATITUDE.
I sat and thought about that word for a long time. Am I truly thankful for every trial? Can I give of my time when My schedule seems jammed packed?  Say an uplifting word, when Ive had  terrible crushing ones from those I love said to me? Can I buy a lunch for a homeless man  when I have no $$ Myself? Theres POWER in giving, even sometimes giving.....Forgiveness. I know that was a hard word to hear huh ? It is for us all.

We have become a thankless generation of all that we've been given, spoiled brats of sorts (not any of you reading this of course) We think God and man Owes us something. We've often been giving things and luxuries, some we have not paid the price for so we have no gratitude or respect for.. I.E. Churches, Money, Positions, gadgets,cars, jobs, etc, etc.. If we are not careful we can be Heartless Harvesters of blessings that we didn't sow, but that's another thought for another time.

 The Author suggested writing in a daily journal 5 things everyday that you were thankful for and that it would turn your thinking around. It really opens your eyes for what we do have. I've often heard my husband quote " A Thankful Person is a Thinkful person"..If we really only realized all we have and how our "trials" have really been for our God, we would see how much he's done for us.

 Benefits of Gratitude
Not only Spiritually , but listen to what researchers found (taken from the book, oops SPOILER ahead)
 3 of my favorites...

*Gratitude Defends. Just Fifteen minutes a day focusing on things your grateful for will significantly increase your body's natural antibodies..WOW!!! Sick Much?

*Gratitude Sharpens . Naturally grateful people are more focused and measurable less vulnerable to clinical depression

*Gratitude Calms. A grateful state of mind induces a psychological state called resonance that's associated with lower blood pressure and heart rate.

 These are just three, to many to type.

 I was brought to my knees with thankfulness for all he's done for me. As I look over every  seeming Crisis and Trial is has ALL worked out for my God. One of my favorite quotes of the book " The Act of Gratitude  reminds us that God is worthy of our trust"..

Here's My question for you and one I've asked myself many times... Do you trust God?  Really Trust Him,, I mean with EVERYTHING?  When You give everything to him and trust him over your life  Oh the peace it brings.   Start looking at others around your work, community, home, etc for people to give the Love of God to and you'll be surprised at how it puts everything in your life in perspective.. My goal.. An Gratitude filled Attitude, I pray the same for you, and watch what God will do!!

BTW: Maybe a token from God, but since Ive started this new thought process (One I should have got a long time ago, but hey I'm slow... Ive had 4 wonderful miracles in my life this week that only he could have done! Grateful!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative Inspiration

   If your reading this blog you most likely know a few things about me. One being I LOVE anything that is creative or hands on crafty. Many people make the comments, " I could never do that", " Im just not creative".... Not so.  Im leaning toward believing that everyone has a little creativity flow that they just havent tapped into yet.
 One thing I love about modern technology is the tutorial and youtube" how to" videos. Im definatly one of those people who learn visually so  watching someone  sewing a placemat online would be much easier than reading a pattern.

How do I know what to search for ?

When you are searching out something (how to sew a button or how to make your own laundry soap) put in youtube or google  " How to sew a button tutorial.. Wording is everything! I have several sites I really gain alot of inspiration from. Below Im sharing one of my favorites that a friend of my turned me onto a while back. She has TONS of tutorials on there for free!!  Youll think me later,its a wealth of info. Hope you enjoy!! Happy Creativity!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Fall addiction recipe...

          For those that know me , know I have a weakness for pumpkin flavored bake goods, scents etc.  No kidding  its a bit of a problem:0
This  is my annual fall favorite. Ive reworked it and im telling you its delicious!! When you think fudge you think chocolate.. Not so with this..Smooth white Chocolate chips make this taste like a smooth pumpkin pie fudge..Hope you enjoy !! Pardon me I think my kitchen is calling me to whip this up!

Spiced Pumpkin Fudge
3/4  Cup Butter
3 cups Sugar
2/3 Cup carnations evaporated milk
3/4 cup libbys pumpkin
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 1/2 cup nestle white chocolate chips
7oz jar marshmellow creame
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup chopped nuts 
In heavy saucepan heat first 5 ingrediants to a boil over medium heat stirring constantly .Continue to boil until mixture reaches 234 degrees on candy thermometor remove from heat stir in chips & marshmellow cream until smooth. Stir in vanilla and nuts .pour into buttered 9x13 pan. makes about 3lbs.
Hope enjoy my personal take on my fall addiction recipe.